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Alex Shumaiev



CruiseBe`s CEO | Entrepreneur & Executive

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CruiseBe's CEO | Entrepreneur & Executive

Idea generator, tech evangelist, entrepreneur, contributor, and startup founder. Holds a Master's Degree in Economics and a Master's Degree in Law. Senior executive leader with 10+ years of experience in product management and business development, building team culture, leading remote teams at different time zones, establishing new ventures, incubating new ideas.
Alex is also a business advisor and startup mentor.

Under Alex's leadership CruiseBe was:
- invited to one of the US top ten startup accelerators (2016)
- chosen as one of the TOP-15 Ukrainian startups to present Ukrainian pavilion on TechCrunch Disrupt 2017
- named as one of TOP-20 Hottest startups in the DFW by CommonDesk`2018
- chosen as one of the best 10 Ukrainian Startups by Voice of America`2018
- named as one of "12 Notable Ukrainian Startups" in Ukraine's IT-industry Market Report by N-iX`2019

Alex's hobbies are traveling and hiking, video, chess, writing poetry, songs, and fiction books.

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  • Alex helped me with the company and team development, understanding of fundamental startup terms, fundraising process, and communications with accelerators, angel, and venture investors when I just started. I really appreciate he was one of those people who helped me build my company and create a path to the future.

    Anatoly Corp

    Founder at Bestmap & Fueltime

  • Several years ago I launched my product - stand-alone coffee carts and bikes. Alex mentored me for a long time on a wide range of issues, from pitching to business foundations. As a result, we managed to enter international markets and sell our products. It's simple, I came with a goal and a lack of understanding of how to achieve it, with Alex I achieved it. Thanks, dude!

    Alexey Filippenkov

    Former CEO at Coffee Brew Bike

  • Alex was a great advisor and mentor while I was just starting my company. He has a deep knowledge of product marketing and launching on the US market - one of the most important insights for any startup founder willing to find their place on the American tech scene. I also cherish Alex’s advice on business development and communicating with prospective clients and investors in the US as it has helped me to score some new US clients for my business.

    Bozhena Sheremeta

    CEO & Founder of The Hustle Is Female Media and RANOK agency

  • When we started carsharing startup SizeCar, Alex helped us a lot with advice and insights on how to launch the company in the US and how to get to startup accelerators. After we were accepted to the accelerator, Alex explained to us the relationship between investors and founders, helped us with budget questions, etc. I do appreciate Alex's responsiveness and mentorship!

    Igor Dobrianskyi

    CEO & Founder at Sizecar

  • When I started to raise investments I needed to find accelerators and prepare a Pitch Deck, and Executive Summary. In a short time, Alex helped me to prepare and structure all the documents and provided channels for finding specialized accelerators. Also, I got a lot of practical advice from Alex. It helped me a lot.

    Sergey Fomin

    CEO at SpaceBar